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F1 2002 Williams-BMW FW24 Onboard Engine Sounds

BMW POWER!!! First car in F1 during the V10 era to hit 19,000 rpm. Piloted by Ralf Schumacher and Juan Pablo Montoya, the car had great qualifying pace but only won one race in 2002, courtesy of Ralf in Malaysia. Enjoy!

List of onboards in the video:

0:00 - 1:29 Juan Pablo Montoya, Magny-Cours.
1:30 - 2:52 Ralf Schumacher, Monaco.
2:53 - 4:14 Juan Pablo Montoya, Interlagos.
4:15 - 5:43 Ralf Schumacher, Imola.
5:44 - 6:55 Juan Pablo Montoya, Silverstone.
6:56 - 8:14 Ralf Schumacher, Magny-Cours.
Jejking : Almost 18.700 RPM, insane!!!!! Considering it was 'just' 2002. That makes for a great sound as well ^^
markycupko : BMW engines went over 19000 rpm in Monza qualifying in 2002.
Those were the days, screaming v10s, beautiful looking cars, exciting races...
DerLutz : imagine, those cars had in 2002 slick tyres...
Firemarioflower : The V10 era was not only great because of the overtakes, the drama, the close-racing, refueling, strategies, the cars were also beautiful, and downforce was epic. The way this thing takes corners, if i look at current F1 cars, they slow more down and take those corners in an ugly, understeered way.

When i see this beasts, it's if the corners are hardly there. So smooth and grippy! And better tyres. No Pirelli monopoly.
PPK : Imagine these engines augmented with MGUH, MGUK systems, 2020 chassis and tires!

F1 Hockenheim 2002 JP Montoya Williams BMW FW24

Domínguez : It's 2003 not 2002 ;)
Ricardo Rodrigues : BMW power!.
patoso13 : 2003 señor.
Mr Khoury : Wow if only bmw wil be back in f1

F1™ 2002 Williams-BMW FW24 Onboard Engine Sounds

F1™ 2002 Williams FW24 by BMW Williams F1 Team

Engine: BMW P82, V10, NA, 90°, 3.0 ltr, 2998 сс, 865 hp, 18700 RPM
Tyres: Michelin
Pilots: Ralf Schumacher/Juan-Pablo Montoya

1. Ralf Schumacher, French Grand-Prix, Magny-Course
2. Juan-Pablo Montoya, Japanese Grand-Prix, Suzuka Circuit
3. Ralf Schumacher, San-Marino Grand-Prix, Autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari
4. Juan-Pablo Montoya, Spainish Grand-Prix, Catalunya-Montmelo
5. Ralf Schumacher, Brazilian Grand-Prix, Autodromo Jose Carlos Pace
6. Juan-Pablo Montoya, Italian Grand-Prix, Autodromo Nazionale di Monza
our beloved F1 onboards : Wild
Alex Hendel : we miss ya Frank Williams, thanks for the wild times & memories!
skiplin18 : I wish i was alive to enjoy BMW in F1. Their engines were beautiful
Martín Boldes : Best motors of their era, without a doubt. I would love to see BMW again in f1
Kamel Safar Zitoun : Great to hear the high-revving Beamer V10 roar!




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